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OX Battleground wanted Alive

OX Battleground Game

OX Battleground or 0X Battleground is the First NFT Battle Royale Game. Download the OX Battleground game, Play, Win, and Trade your Character/Weapon Skin NFT with other players and earn in Crypto. Download the OX Battleground using link below.

OX Battleground Gameplay: This Game includes 3 different modes of gaming. The Basic game theme is inspired by PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game. But when you Play OX BattleGround Game you play, and win rewards, All types of skins are rare NFTs in this game that you can Trade, sell, or exchange for Crypto Currency.

Game Trailer

0X Battleground Game Theme and About the Game:

Play Game

Play the updated Battle Royale Game alone, with your friends with 3 different Game Modes.

Earn Rewards

Win exciting Rewards every time you win the game, or Defeat your enemies.


All types of Character, and Weapon skins, Ammo, Skills, and Utility are Rare NFTs.

Sell NFT

Sell your NFT to other players, and exchange it with Rewards or other cryptocurrencies.

More About OX Battleground Game and Modes:

This 0Xbattleground game is free-to-play. However, surviving is going to be a challenging task for you. You will start with one of the few default characters, unarmed, without any ammo, and without any special skills. Your mission is to find any Gun and … survive!

If you buy a special character (or acquire him during the game) you can upgrade his skills. Each NFT Character comes with a special skillset to handle specific (or multiple) weapons. Gain an advantage over your competition by being able to use a shotgun, rifle, machine gun, or grenade…. and you better don’t run out of ammo!

OX Battleground wanted Alive

The Wanted Alive Mode:

There are three different Game Modes in this game:
1. One Against All – This is a 1V1 battle royale there is no Team, and you need to kill your opponent to earn rewards.
2. Team Play – Form a team and fight against others in a time-based battle
3. Safe House– A Rescue Mission, one of your Team Members will be a hostage you need to bring him back alive.

The Wanted Alive is a Beta Testing Game Mode of the OXBattleground game that is releasing soon….. to get beta Access, to join the discord server.

Player Characters in 0X Battleground with their Skill Ability:

1. ANI The Shotgun Expert:
Ani is one of the OX Battleground Survivors a female character with 30% Skills, 90% Agility, and 60% Persistence skill set. If you choose this character to play in the game you will find she is a Shotgun Expert. Nobody else can handle the Shotgun as she can.

Ani The OX Battleground Survior Character for you

2. Ryan and Alecho The Assualt Rifle Expert:
RYAN and ALECHO both are Male Characters in OX Battleground Survivors both look similar and are Assualt Rifle experts but with a different sets of skill levels. Do not get confused while you choose one of them as your character in the 0X Battleground gameplay.

RYAN The OX Battleground Survior Character for you
Alecho The OX Battleground Survior Character for you

3. NEO The Sniper Expert:
NEO is a Male Character in OX Battleground Survivor. If you are one of those who love camping and can wait for the perfect long shots then you can choose to play as NEO in OXBattleground Game Modes. The NEO is a Sniper Expert with 90% Skills, 60% Agility, and 30% of Persistence. You can upgrade your skills in the game with in-game rewards.

NEO The OX Battleground Survior Character for you

4. JAMES The LMG Expert:
JAMES is a Male Character in OX Battleground Survivor. He is the real terminator villain with LMG Expertise. Yes, if you are choosing James as your playing character then remember you can handle the Machine Guns very easily rather than other playing characters. JAMES’s abilities are – Skills 40% Agility 50% and Persistence 90%, you can see James is more persistent than any other character.

James The OX Battleground Survior Character for you