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OX Battleground APK Download 2023

Download OX Battleground Apk on Mobile and enjoy the new battle royale experience play to win cryptocurrency. The OX Battleground Game app is about to launch on Android, iOS, and PC.

Now you can pre-register for the Beta test version now to get exciting gift items when the game is launched. To download or Pre-Register for the OX Battleground Game you can use the button below and join the discord community.

How to Download OX Battleground APK on Android Mobile?

The OX Battleground Apk is free to download for all, you can download and play the Game on your Android phone by following the few steps given below: There is no confirmed news of the download/release of OX Battleground Game, but if you join the discord community you will get chance to download the Beta Test Game Apk.

Step 1: First choose any of the 3 download links given below to download the OX Battleground

Step 2: Then You will be redirected to the corresponding App Store to download your UGW APK.

Step 3: Click on the Download Link or Install button and wait till the game is installed.

Step 4: Once the OX Battleground APk is installed on your Phone, close all recent apps and Open the UGW Game.

OX Battleground Favicon

Google Play

Download and Play the OX Battleground Game Apk from Google Play Store using the Link Below

Version 1.0


685 MB



Download the OX Battleground APK from your favorite TAP-TAP App store

Version 1.0


685 MB


Apk Pure

Here is an Alternative Way to download your favorite OX Battleground Apk from Apkpure

Version 1.0


685 MB


About UGW Game- What is UGW Based on?

OX Battleground Game is a Battle Royale Game inspired by PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile games. But OX Battleground is different and better in terms of Rewards and in-game elite items if compared with PUBG Mobile.

What I mean to say is that when you play any mode in OX Battleground and beat your enemy then you get rewards that you can use to redeem with unique character, Skins, weapons and upgrade skills, and all these items are called NFTs in OX Battleground.

These NFTs are unique and you can trade them in the OX Battleground game with each other in exchange for game reward points or other Cryptocurrencies.

Play Game

Play the updated Battle Royale Game alone, with your friends with 3 different Game Modes.

Earn Rewards

Win exciting Rewards every time you win the game, or Defeat your enemies.


All types of Character, and Weapon skins, Ammo, Skills, and Utility are Rare NFTs.

Sell NFT

Sell your NFT to other players, and exchange it with Rewards or other cryptocurrencies.

This is like you are playing the game to earn rewards and eventually ending up earning some crypto at the end. Although there is no confirmation that how you can redeem these rewards but yes as per my knowledge you will require an Ethereum wallet to link with this game.

OX Battleground $25000 Worth Giveaway:

If you have joined the OX Battleground discord server you might know the team has announced a $25000 worth OX Battleground game giveaway and for this there is one condition that you need to submit your Ethereum wallet.

To know more about how to participate in this OX Battleground Giveaway use this Link – Read Here.