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OX Battleground Beta Test Apply Here!!

The OX Battleground Beta Test is open for all now, if you have not joined then hurry up and join it today.

The OX Battleground game is a Battle Royale inspired by PUBG Mobile but here in 0X Battleground Game, you win Rewards and trade rewards with Crypto Currency.

So, If you want to Pre-Register for the Beta version of 0X Battleground Game then you need an Ethereum wallet address and a discord account.

First of all join the OX Battleground Discord group, and Telegram channel, and follow them on all social media.

Join and Follow all social media handles below:

Then create one Ethereum ERC 20 Wallet to link it with the OX Battleground Players account and follow the steps given on how to Register for the Beta Testing.

Warning: Dealing with Crypto is risky and you may get cheated, so please use your crypto wallet carefully and be safe with your money.

OX Battleground Beta Testing are open

Step by Step guide to Apply OX Battleground Beta Test:

Detailed information about this OX Battleground Beta testing is shared on Discord Server if you want to read it then click here.

If you want to Register for the OX Battleground Beta Test Game then follow the link and step-by-step guide below:

  • First Visit the Google Form Link to Apply for OX Battleground Beta Test App. Click Here
  • Then the form will ask you to fill in your info for example – Email, Name, Discord ID, Tweeter Username, Country, ERC20 Wallet Address, Telegram ID, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • You need to fill in all the information compulsory to get selected for the OX Battleground Beta Testing App.
  • Once you Submit the details wait for the email response and game access.

I don’t know if is it necessary to take all this information from a beta tester but the OX Battleground is asking for it, if you feel safe then you can apply.


They said the Beta Tester seats are limited and from now onward every time New OXBattleground Beta Game will be sent to the Beta Tester before it is released in public.

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